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Re: ANNOUNCE: Fyracle 0.8.10 released

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Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Fyracle 0.8.10 released
From: pieterinfometcom (Pieter Viljoen)
Newsgroups: fyracle
Organization: not organized
Date: Mar 30 2012 10:13:17
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I would like to order:

- Firebird RDBMS    (to replace Oracle)

- Fyracle for Firebird    (to have full PL/SQL)

- RadADA Studio    (to have a proper UI Development IDE based on the     same ADA language from which PL/SQL stems)

- RadComponents Studio      (with components such as Delphi for ADA)

- Firebird Database Studio Studio      (similar to TOAD and Dezign Data Modeller)

- Firebird Data Migration, Replication, Backup/Restore kit
  I am so sure that there are millions who would also like to order the same kit ...

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