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Runs OpenCRX with Fyracle?

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Subject: Runs OpenCRX with Fyracle?
From: softtrebeacom (Mikel Iridoi)
Newsgroups: fyracle
Organization: Trebea Software
Date: Apr 24 2008 21:24:28

Hi group!!
Anyone have any experience to deploy OpenCRX, the MDA oriented and powerfull
CRM+Workflow Server Application with Firebird or Fyracle?
Some years ago, this package was Firebird compatible, but last years don't.
Otherwise, is compatible with Oracle 9, then my question came to be...
Is possible to install it using Fyracle? What i need? SDK Version?
Any possibility to join Fyracle with Firebird 2.0? Futrure availability?
I'll agree any suggestion,
Mikel Iridoi
Trebea Software

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24.04. o Runs OpenCRX with Fyracle?Mikel Iridoi