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Re: API (Entecavir, Palonosetron HCL, etc) and peptide (Oxytocin, etc) from Chin

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Subject: Re: API (Entecavir, Palonosetron HCL, etc) and peptide (Oxytocin, etc) from Chin
From: gacinpharmagmailcom (Adrian Hu)
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Date: Dec 19 2007 09:19:07

Dear sir/madam,

With my respectful greetings!

This is Adrian Hu, from Hangzhou Gacin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China. I'm glad to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products to you. Hangzhou Gacin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which locates in Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone, specializes in the research and production of API and custom peptides for pharmaceutical application. As one of the leading API and peptide manufacturers, Gacin is engaged in the research of chemical substance as well as the sales of the products of chemical industry. (www.gacinpharma.com)

At present, we supply the following API and peptide products with high quality and competitive price,

Amorolfine HCL
 Azastron HCL
 Fluticasone propionate
 Mometasone furoate
 Palonosetron HCL
 Pamidronate disodium
 Risedronate sodium
 Rocuronium bromide
 Tamsulosin HCL
 Vecuronium bromide
 Zoledronic acid
Calcitonin (salmon)
 Desmopressin acetate  Glucagon
 Octreotide acetate
 Thymosin alpha1
 We are happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you very much for your attention and look forward to your reply soon.

Best Regards,

 Adrian Hu

Sales Manager Overseas Marketing Dept

Hangzhou Gacin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Add: No.207 Liuhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310053 China

Website: www.gacinpharma.com

Tel: +86-571-88977992

Fax: +86-571-88977992

E-mail: gacinpharma@gmail.com

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